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“Accelerator Quote through invoice has centralized our tag job quotes, allowing us to invoice efficiently, control our brand, and provide visibility to our tag job pipeline. Our managers can now better manage pricing resources, and performance.”

Michael C. / Able Services

“Since we’ve been using Accelerator janitorial software it’s much easier for our team to communicate. We got the app on all our manager’s phone and they do all their work through it. It’s been really easy to use and makes it faster for them do their job.”

Molly H. / CSI International

“Accelerator saves us a lot of time, but more than saving time for our staff, we have the important client information we need. With our other systems, we could collect the data but use several platforms. We had great information, but it was too difficult to make useful for our team”

Alex R / Total Quality

“We switched to Accelerator to improve our QC and Inspection process. Our executive team is highly focused on process and improvement. Since switching, we have implemented additional product features to improve our work order management and billable tag jobs. Their support has been excellent, and our switchh has been successful!”

Erica V. / TBM