A.I., For You and I


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and more words that none of us actually really understand how to apply it to our business. Why is this? The “big guys” want to confuse us with their jargon and vague explanations of what technology can really do!

We, at AcceleratorCC, say we have seen enough, it’s time for small and mid-sized businesses to take back control, to level the playing field and operate just like those “big guys”! With AcceleratorCC you now have access to those same powerful technologies to make decisions based on data and not emotions – and guess what, its not confusing!

Just the opposite, our dashboards are powerful, yet simple – even as simple as talking or texting! 

 Value Creation, It’s Our Mission

Powerful Insights, Out-of-the-Box

With years of experience and data points in the hundreds of thousands, we have developed a powerful, out-of-the-box solution that will have you making lightning speed decisions from the moment you start. Know which sites are performing well and which need attention – which employees to give praise to and those who need to be retrained -all without fancy formulas, cumbersome spreadsheets.

Data you can take action on. Now.

An Overview for the Ages

You do not need to be lost in a sea of reports, see what’s going on in your company, in real time. Conduct more inspections, close more deficiencies and provide better quality – all areas your customer will appreciate – show them why you are #1!

Competition That Drives Improvement

Change is driven by both sides of a coin, taking from that in which is good and applying it to that in which is not; the key is to know what is good and bad.

All too often we focus on only the negative – more so because this is the only time some of us may hear from the customer; what if there was a way to identify positive trends and apply that to you underperforming areas – there is!

AcceleratorCC will identify key areas of your Company’s performance and provide the ability to take immediate action. Do not wait for your Customer to complain to make changes – identify areas of improvement and make changes.

Drill Down, All the Way Down

See historical trends the provide the opportunity to take action. Escalators a constant low performing area, Company wide? Maybe you should be using oil-based stainless steel cleaner and not water based.

Food Court Sitting Area a repetitive issue for service locations under a certain Manager? Maybe it’s time to revisit how they’re training their subordinates. 

Whatever the need, we will identify it and help you take correct it, because that’s our mission!

Trusted by Brands Everywhere

“Accelerator Quote through invoice has centralized our tag job quotes, allowing us to invoice efficiently, control our brand, and provide visibility to our tag job pipeline. Our managers can now better manage pricing resources, and performance.”

Michael C / Able Services

“Since we’ve been using Accelerator janitorial software it’s much easier for our team to communicate. We got the app on all our manager’s phone and they do all their work through it. It’s been really easy to use and makes it faster for them do their job.”

Molly H. / CSI International