Your Challenges Grow

Managing todays facilities brings more responsibilities to field managers and supervisors.

It’s not just keeping customers satisfied in a competitive market, it’s  also managing the business and economics of the contract to satisfy the executive team.

We see field managers responsible for more buildings, providing more data for the office, and under increased pressure from clients to prove performance all while working with staff that needs your guidance!

Fortunately, there are tools that will make your job easier and improve your workday!  

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through our app, Accord®, to show you a better way to work!

This Ebook will show you step-by-step how field managers can use Accelerator’s Accord mobile app to help manage their daily tasks and stay connected to customers and the back office.

Accord® a Better Way to Work

Accord® Mobile App by Accelerator CC® is a powerful, all-in-one app for field staff to stay connected with the office and improve service delivery.

Accord® empowers your field team to maximize their time while providing the critical information needed to deliver superior customer service.

Accord Includes these easy to use features:

  • Quotes for Tag Jobs
  • Work Orders
  • Quality Control and Inspections
  • Inspection deficiency correction
  • CRM information
  • Staff attendance in real time
  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Supply Requests and Inventory
  • Equipment Management
  • QR code scanning for Management Visitations
  • Document management
  • Proof of Delivery to clients

Planning and Visibility

Dashboards for field managers delivers a fast list of scheduled work and communications priorities.  Drill down into the details so you know how to organize your staff and keep client commitments.

Accord® integrates with your recurring work schedules so you can deliver on contract compliancy.  Best of all, we’ll send the reports you need to prove service delivery.

Accord’s Dashboard gives managers a quick snapshot of upcoming work, inspection results and recent communications. Drill into the details.

Quotes for Tag Jobs (Extra Work)

Extra billable work are often the highest profit margins in your business, averaging 30-35% per job.

Accord® Quotes is a snap, quotes can be emailed out quickly and accurately.  Electronic approvals are convenient for your customer to review the details and just tap Approve. Branded quote documents can be attached with more details including your terms and conditions.

We notify all parties the quote has been approved and will automatically generate a work ticket.

Save time, get it done fast, Grow your accounts revenue!

Management Data

  • Quote Pipeline-know what’s coming in
  • Sales Volume-Tag Work
  • Client Sales Volume-Tag Work

Create and email quotes to clients with a few simple taps.

Clients receive an email for 1 tap electronic approvals

Quality Control

Quality control starts with measuring results, correcting deficiencies, and continuous improvement. Working your way through a building needs to be efficient and effective.

Accord® lets you customize inspection forms so you’re not wasting time on generic inspection forms.

Auto route deficiencies to your team, we’ll send QC results via email when completed.

 Our QC module is powerful, flexible, and simple.  Companies can implement inspections beyond just cleaning, including Surveys, Compliance, Safety, LEED, and OSHA.

Management Data

  • Facility QC Scoring Trends
  • Service correction trends
  • Inspection history

Inspection Areas lets managers toggle which areas need to be inspected.  Capture signatures for to keep clients engaged

Manage Staff Attendance

Managing staff time and ensuring everyone is accounted for should be fast and accurate.  With Accord®, time and attendance, managers can receive automated alerts and view their staffing levels for each of their locations.

Accord® crew punching simplifies time and attendance in locations with on-site management.

Soon to be released: Mobile timecard approvals!

Management Data

  • Employee attendance history
  • Actual to Budget performance
  • Hours per location

Managers can view staff attendance


Maintaining adequate supply levels with shrinking budgets requires an organized approach.  Accord® Supplies streamlines the process of requesting facilities supply needs.

Completing inventory counts on a periodic basis is fast and simple.  Inventory counts ensure supplies don’t go missing and reconciles actual supply usage over a period.

Management Data

  • Supply volumes by location
  • Supply inventory by location
  • Usage by location

Supply requests streamlines ordering with Just in Time best practices


Equipment is often overlooked but with increasing staff shortages and tighter budgets, maximizing production rates is critical to overall performance.

Accord® saves you time with tracking equipment condition, locations, and preventive maintenance so equipment is organized and ready when needed.

Need to know where your equipment is?  Look it up on Accord®! That will save some time.

Management Data

  • Equipment history
  • Equipment location
  • Equipment costs by location

Equipment inspections, Shipments and Location look up are all available on Accord® and fast using QR Codes