Building Professionals (BP)

Inventory Management, Managed Well

Building Professional serves a large and diverse group of companies in the southern United States. The executive team drives a culture of customer service and stays engaged with all client relationships. With over 16 million square feet serviced and 450 employees, Building Professional has experienced rapid, organic growth over teh last few years.

Challenge – Paper Supply Request Leads to a Mountain of Errors

An important service and revenue component for Building Professionals is supply sales,

Clients rely on them to keep inventory levels maintained and within budget.

With their volume of clients and field managers, supply inventories were becoming difficult to stay ahead of. Inventory accuracy and supply requirements by site were error prone and often late.

Solution – Accord® Electronic Supply Management

Building Professional implemented Accord’s supplies` management software to organize inventory schedules, track specific supplies by location, and automate the supply request process.

Field managers have service location and supply schedule on their app for easy planning. They can see approved supply lists and quickly indicate last orders and request inventory needed. Supply requests are sent to the office, reviewed and approved, eliminating errors from poor scheduling, lost paper, and incorrect supplies

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