Building A Best-in-Class QC Program for Your Janitorial Business

Having a quality control program in place is essential for a successful janitorial business.  Without one, you’re just waiting for problems to pop up.  Most janitorial companies have processes in place for monitoring quality.  However, if you’re only performing periodic cleaning inspections and reporting the results to your clients then you may be falling short.

Truly successful janitorial companies implement dynamic, evolving programs.  As your company grows and evolves so should your quality control processes.  Without this evolution, you’re not distinguishing yourselves from your competitors. Your team might even be simply going through the motions, a complaint we hear often. 

Here are a few quality control processes we have developed with our top clients, all committed to a best-in-class qc program.

End of shift “Nightly Reports”

Go above and beyond, provide daily reports (end of shift) to clients that report other important service variables such as completed work, clients staying late, locked offices, maintenance, and security issues. Property and facility managers receive reports each morning providing visibility that’s actionable as they start their day.

Operational Compliance Inspections

The ops compliance inspection ensures your staff and company footprint is complaint with regulatory requirements. Checkpoints include signage, chemical storage, MSDS availability, and training processes, etc. Inspections reveal non-compliancy, allowing you to take corrective action.  These inspections mitigate risk, prevent incidents, enhance reputation, and trust, and encourage a culture of trust.

Use QC inspections to funnel leads to sales team

With an existing customer, your field team is in their building seeing its condition. When specialty work is overdue, give your team the ability to easily connect with a salesperson on what needs to be done. Sales can follow up with the client with a recommendation for the service. This will help strengthen your internal team’s relationship as well as your customer relationship. It can also lead to a big boost in profitable work order revenue.

Scope of Work and Share KPIs

Customized templates allow clients to inspect based on their scope of work.  This method is efficient as QC inspectors focus on the areas under contract only. SOW inspections help mitigate risk, controls costs of your inspection process by focusing on what matters and ensures compliance. In addition, dashboard metrics are easier to create and valuable for your clients to evaluate if you are meeting expectations.