Ramco Building Maintenance

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Ramco Building Maintenance provides commercial cleaning services to medium and large business, educational institutions, and industrial facilities throughout the Wichita, Ks. region.

Ramco has grown dramatically over the last several years and pride themselves on their culture of partnering with their clients.   Their “get it done culture” has been the cornerstone of Ramco’s growth.

Challenge – Organizing Technicians and Communicating to Clients

Ramco experienced significant growth over the last several years and invested heavily in equipment and staff specialization.  With the onset of Covid-19, Ramco was well positioned to offer the specialty services required for clients in the educational and industrial markets.  Daily defogging and sanitizing jobs piled up creating administrative bottlenecks to ensure the proper technicians where in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment.

Clients needed proof of completion to ensure areas where safe for occupants and records where available for liability concerns.

Solution Accord® Recurring Work Orders and Proof of Delivery

Ramco implemented Accord’s work order management software to organize schedules and automate communications with clients when work is completed.

Work orders for daily, weekly, and monthly jobs were scheduled using Accelerator’s recurring work order feature.  Once scheduled, work orders are automatically generated for the right day, time, location, and technician.  Stakeholders are notified in advance of upcoming schedules.

When technicians complete their work orders, they close their tickets using Accords mobile app.  Work tickets are updated in real-time with the status changes and branded email notifications are sent to clients showing the work and buildingscompleted.  When required, before and after pics are sent in the email with a link to the picture gallery.

 “Beyond significant cost and time savings from managing our work order volumes, we have an easy, reliable process in place to service our clients as they expect from us.” Matt Brewer, General Manager Ramco Building maintenance

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