Source One

Increasing Client Engagement, Increases Client Retention

Source One Maintenance has been servicing the Bay Area for over 20 years and has expanded rapidly in the Tech and Bio industries.

The management team has always worked internally for continuous improvement with service delivery but now needed a technology solution to satisfy the demands of large clients who have grown accustom to using the latest technologies.

Challenge – Decentralized Communications

High growth in the tech and bio sectors brought a new set of issues for Source One management team. These clients came with a new set of expectations beyond quality cleaning services, they expected convenience and visibility using technology.

Clients expected visibility to upcoming work schedules, check status of work completed, submit work requests and communications, and review inspection details as needed

Solution – Customer Connect® Client Portal, For the Win

Source One turned to the Accelerator® team assist in deploying Customer Connect®, our client branded portal.

The portal is easily setup and client credentials are managed inside the software. Source One clients were up and running in no time. All communications, work requests are immediately routed to the management team for rapid response.

Today, over 70% of work requests are sent by clients through their portal, eliminating email tracking and saving their clients time.

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